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“The photographer is only an interpreter of something that already exists, he can decide how to show it but cannot change the substance.
A good photo shouldn’t make you just look, it should make you see”

Roberto Rigliaco


I was born in Lecce the chief town of Salento, a beautiful region in the southern “heel” of Italy, full of history, baroque architecture and amazing nature.
Living in this unique region, where I’ve spent my first 16 years, I developed a great sensitivity to nature and beauty in general and started to gain some experience in photography capturing images of those places.
After that period, I moved to Bologna, in the northern part of the country, where I could attend photography courses (mostly for portraits) with professionals. From this town I travelled to many parts of Europe confronting different cultures and expanding my knowledge about image. I left Italy to move to Poland and currently live in Wroclaw that with its cultural and vibrating soul offers many chances to improve my passion.
Meeting people from other countries and observing them in the natural flow of life made my great passion for portrait photography grow. This is an effective way to capture the very essence of people, beyond the surface, without any mask.
My objective is to reach this result, freeze in a shot the moment in which a person shows himself.





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